Business Partners FAQs

  1. Q. What is the Hallelujah Acres Partner Program?
    A. The Hallelujah Acres Partner Programs is a way for you to earn commissions by placing our banner ads and text links on your website. When a visitor links from your site to and makes a qualified purchase, you will earn money immediately.
  2. Q. How does the Hallelujah Acres Partner Program work?
    A. We provide you with an extensive library of banner ads, text links, health reports and collateral materials.  Place these items on your site.  When a visitor links from your site to and makes a purchase, you will earn money. These items are located on our Partner Center. In order to access this information, you must first sign up for our Partner Program here. Please contact us at if additional information is needed.
  3. Q. What is the difference between a Certified Health Minister, a HA Business Partner and a Wholesaler?
    A. A Certified Health Minister is trained by Hallelujah Acres to teach about its products and services. A Certified Health Minister is eligible for commission and, or discounts.  A Hallelujah Acres Business Partner is a person who is interested in selling Hallelujah Acres’ items on his/her site and will only receive commission. A Wholesaler is required to have a tax resale certificate and is afforded commission for purchases made.
  4. Q. Why should I join the Hallelujah Acres Partner Programs?
    A. As a Hallelujah Acres Partner, you can earn additional income through your website, blog or business by offering your visitors the highest quality products, excellent value and tremendous resources to help them maintain vibrant health.
  5. Q. Does it cost anything to become a Hallelujah Acres Partner?
    A. No, the program is absolutely free.  Once you are approved, you can access all available resources and begin to earn additional revenue immediately.
  6. Q. What is included in the Hallelujah Acres Partner membership?
    A. You will receive banner ads, text links, health reports and collateral materials about our products and services. You will also receive unlimited access to the Partner Center to make the most out of the program.
  7. Q. Is my website eligible?
    A. We carefully review each website. We reserve the right to accept or reject a site for any reason and at any time. To learn more about our terms and conditions, please read the agreement located here.
  8. Q. How will I be compensated as a Hallelujah Acres Business Partner or Wholesaler?
    A. As a Business Partner, you will receive structured commission for items sold and discounts on items purchased.
  9. Q. How often is the sales and commission information updated?
    A. The information is live and is updated daily.  Please check your sales information regularly to ensure that you are being compensated accordingly.  If any of your sales information is missing, contact the customer service department immediately.
  10. Q. When will I receive my commission check?
    A. Commission checks will be distributed by the 20th of the following month.  For example, you will receive payment for sales generated in the month of February by the 20th of the month of March.
  11. Q. Am I able to alter the pricing of the products?
    A. No, you are not permitted to sell below the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).
  12. Q. Where can I find banner and text ads?
    A. The information can be found on our Partner Center site.
  13. Q. How long will it take for someone to respond to a question sent?
    A. Typically, it will take 48 hours.  If additional time is needed due to research required, such information will be noted.
  14. Q. What happens if a customer returns an item?
    A. The charge back will be taken from your sales during the month that it is received.  For example, if a purchase is made in January but the return happens in February, the sale amount will be deducted from February.
  15. Q. I am not that computer savvy.  Do I have to use this site?
    A. It is not mandatory but it will provide you with up to minute sales information as well as a library of resources to support your customers.  However, you and your customers can call customer service directly.  Please provide your referral code to ensure that you get credit for every sale generated.
  16. Q. What should I do if need resources are not in the online library?
    A. You can send an email via and someone will follow up with two business days.
  17. Q. How should I handle technical issues?
    A. Please send an email to