Certified Health Ministers

10,000 and Growing…

Over 10,000 nurses, grandfathers, doctors, teachers, moms, pastors and people just like you are sharing the secret to vibrant health as Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers around the globe.

Our Health Ministers receive specialized training in diet, nutrition, exercise and the connection between what we eat and the health of our bodies.  Health Ministers inspire hope, teach nutritional healing and help others to learn how to live vibrant lives.

HA Certified Health Ministers

Share the Life Changing Message of Self Healing.

Our customized training program prepares Health Ministers to serve their families, neighborhoods and communities.  As a Certified Health Minister you will:

  • Know how to deliver an effective message so that others can take control of their health
  • Understand how nutritional deficiency and toxicity cause disease
  • Know how to share the importance of real nutrition
  • Understand the Biblically-based principles of The Hallelujah Diet

You’ll also have access to unlimited support and educational materials, the chance to network with other like-minded and supportive people and the opportunity to earn additional income through teaching classes, leading food preparation sessions and commissions on hundreds of Hallelujah Acres products.

Become a Health Minister by attending a live training event (to be announced) or through our new online class. 

If vibrant health is your passion, partner with us and together we can share the message of hope and healing around the world. Get started today!