Compensation Schedule

Health Ministers will receive commissions on retail customer orders through the following channels:

  • Orders placed by customers whose accounts include the Health Minister’s 4-digit referral code. (This referral code may be added by the customer or by the Health Minister)
  • Orders placed through tools from the new Health Minister Program
  • Orders placed through the Health Minister’s dedicated toll-free number

Commission for Hallelujah Acres Branded Products and Supplements

  Commission Rate
HA Branded Products 20%
Special Promotions Health Ministers who participate in sales promotions may earn up to an additional 10% commission.
Non HA Branded Products 5%

Purchase Discounts For Hallelujah Acres Branded Products and Supplementsup to 35% (Domestic), up to 40% (International)
All non-Hallelujah Acres products will be discounted based upon available margins.

Free Max Products Promotion –  For every six (6) large Max product canisters (or bottles of capsules) that you purchase under your personal account in a given month you will receive one (1) free BarleyMax, with a choice of Regular, Mint or Berry flavors.

Health Minister/Wholesaler Recruitment Program – An exciting new addition to the program is the opportunity to earn commissions from Health Ministers you bring into the program and mentor. Health Ministers will earn a 5% commission on all sales generated by new Health Ministers they recruit into the Health Minister program. In addition, if a Health Minister recruits a Wholesale partner, that minister will receive a 2% commission for all sales generated by that account. You must be an active Health Minister to receive these commissions.