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HA Wholesale Partners

The Internet is revolutionizing the wholesale industry, making it easier to connect with your global customers. 

Now, Hallelujah Acres is giving you better tools to increase your sales volume – whether through brick-and-mortar stores or your online businesses.

The Hallelujah Acres Wholesale program opens the door to the resources you need to promote our quality products at a competitive price with:

  • Banner ads for your website
  • Text links to drive traffic to featured products
  • Product marketing materials that keep you informed
  • Attractive merchandising displays for the product aisles in your store
  • Health reports with the latest news and research

Get Your Share of This Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

In 2010, total U.S. organic product sales, including food and non-food products, were $28.682 billion – up 9.7 percent from 2009.1 Globally, organic sales reached $54.9 billion in 2009, up from $50.9 billion in 2008.2

Be a part of this growing trend. Our nutritional products and supplements are gluten free, vegan and kosher. Learn more about our product line, visit Hallelujah Acres.

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1 Organic Trade Association’s 2011 Organic Industry Survey; 2 The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics & Emerging Trends 2011